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No claim forms, zero out of pocket expenses, just coverage!

Whether you’re an off-campus international education advisor, professor, study abroad program coordinator, or a student pursuing higher educational opportunities overseas - FocusPoint will partner with you to provide a comprehensive travel risk management solution that provides peace of mind and rapid response to travel-related crises that impact or have the potential to impact you during a period of travel. The CAP™ Travel Assistance Membership is designed to fill the coverage gaps left in your typical travel insurance policy while providing travelers with 14 additional medical assistance benefits and 10 security-centric crisis support services—all without any out-of-pocket expenses to the traveler or an up-charge to the school.

CAP™ covers what others don’t, so you can travel with confidence.

Don't Leave Gaps in your Travel Plans

Access to global travel alerts, so you can ‘know before you go.’

24/7 access to live consultants and translators to guide you through any crisis.

Global rescue and dedicated resolution specialists when you need it most.
Travel Assistance Benefits Travel
Rescue from Natural Disasters
Rescue from Political Threats
Rescue from Terrorism
Rescue from Criminal Violence
Disappearance Resolution
Blackmail and Extortion Resolution
Kidnap for Ransom Resolution
Hi-Jacking Resolution
Wrongful Detention Resolution
Government Trigger Not Needed for Security Evacuations
Emergency Medical Evacuation Back Home With a Nurse Escort
Travel Fearlessly™ with CAP™ in a few easy steps
Step1: To Where Are You Traveling

Step2: When are you traveling

CAP™ members have unlimited 24/7 access to on demand crisis consultants.
  • Calling the CAP™ Crisis Response Center—gives travelers immediate access to targeted advice and coaching to get them to safety.
  • If a traveler runs into trouble, emergency assistance is delivered immediately, and updates on that person’s location and status are passed on to family members back home.
  • When rescue is needed, CAP™ Crisis Consultants will dispatch teams globally within 24 hours of notification to provide immediate emergency assistance to get CAP™ members out of danger and to safety.

All costs are covered to send a Crisis Consultant and Rescue Team to bring you to safety.

  NO hidden fees
  NO surprise costs
  NO out of pocket expense

Whether your membership cost $77.60 to go to China or $93.60 to travel to Mexico, all costs are covered to send a Crisis Consultant and Rescue Team to bring you to safety. No hidden fees. No surprise costs. No out of pocket expense.

The most comprehensive low cost travel assistance membership program available!
CAP™ Travel Risk Portal
Eliminate the liability associated with failing to provide students and faculty with duty of care while traveling abroad.

The CAP™ Travel Risk Portal provides study abroad program coordinators and students pursuing higher education opportunities overseas with the necessary tools and information to stay vigilant, informed, and prepared. If a disturbing travel alert is posted on the CAP™ Travel Risk Portal, the study abroad program coordinator can contact affected students and faculty directly, to make sure they avoid dangerous territory not included on their original itinerary. If the student or faculty member is faced with an emergency, one call to the CAP™ Crisis Response Center—the traveler’s personal 911—activates immediate global assistance.

Empowering Parents, Students, and Faculty.

By adding a MyTrac™ subscription to the CAP™ membership, study abroad program coordinators, faculty advisors, and family members can track, locate, monitor, and manage the mobility of students and faculty and identify their exact geo-specific location worldwide, through a discrete online portal. If family members or the study abroad faculty advisor fears that a traveler has veered from an agreed-upon course, one call to the 24/7 hotline activates the full emergency response capabilities available under CAP™.

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