Travel Risk Management & Specialist Risk Consulting
Crisis Management
FocusPoint’s world-class crisis management team believes that every response requires a process. Clients facing a crisis can expect a customized solution that mitigates the negative aspects of any event—including kidnapping, extortion, or blackmail.

The answer is never a cookie-cutter response that puts a bandage on an emergency, even if it requires employee evacuations. FocusPoint’s offices are stationed in almost every international location. Because of this global reach, FocusPoint can coordinate an emergency response anywhere in the world.

Through specific programs designed to address how a crisis erupts, evolves, and ends, FocusPoint’s crisis management team will reduce the negative effects of the crisis. Meanwhile, a client’s employees and global business operations can continue to maximize the opportunities presented by the fluid nature of the crisis environment in both conflict and post-conflict situations.

The FocusPoint crisis response is designed to help clients achieve four goals:

CMP Review & Gap Analysis
FocusPoint specializes in conducting a full range of asset-based risk assessments. Our consultants work closely with clients to identify, characterize and prioritize assets, security hazards and threats.

Our consultants have a keen ability to evaluate existing safeguards and determine exploitable weaknesses and areas of vulnerability. Reports are provided to clients based on observations and recommended countermeasures to provide cost effective protection of business processes, employees, visitors, company assets, and the general public at the target location.

Program Review & Development

As an independent advisory and risk management firm, we specialize in helping clients safeguard their employees, facilities, and critical assets through targeted reviews, gap analysis, and program enhancements. Our consultants work closely with companies to introduce new concepts and develop, implement and manage practical risk management programs that mitigate exposure and control loss. Typical engagements include the development of business continuity and security strategies for outbound logistics and inbound supply chains.

Crisis Management Planning

FocusPoint supports clients in the development, review and testing of crisis management plans. We ensure clients develop practical crisis management plans that are easily understood and implemented across their organization regardless of the size and complexity of their business. Our plans enable an organization to identify, assess, respond and recover from a crisis event.
Kidnap for Ransom Resolution
The company has marshaled industry experts to create a holistic team and provide time sensitive and proven kidnap for ransom response methodologies that are unmatched in the specialty market of crisis response services.

Our crisis management unit is managed by a veteran crisis response team leader, monitored by a highly experienced crisis response executive with over 30 years of proven experience in kidnap for ransom and extortion resolutions and delivered by very skilled, regionally focused crisis response consultants.
Our multi-disciplinary team has discreetly and successfully managed well over:

FocusPoint is capable of responding to both insured and uninsured events globally with 24 hours of notification.
Stalker Shield 365™ - Program Components

Stalker Shield 365™ includes an individual threat and risk analysis, accompanied with a personal security briefing by FocusPoint International that includes:

The legal definition for stalking varies across jurisdictions. For the purposes of Stalker Shield 365™, stalking is defined as any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or willfully and maliciously harasses an Insured Person(s) and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family.


Stalker Shield 365™ policyholders receive 24-hour access to FocusPoint International and expert advice on addressing physical threats, aberrant communications, threatening phone calls or electronic messages. Incidents are quickly triaged, and professional crisis response consultants are dispatched globally within 24 hours.
Extortion Resolutions
FocusPoint is experienced in determining the validity of an extortion threat and providing sound advice on how to respond. Our crisis consultants work closely with corporate decision makers and private families to develop and execute response plans that address extortion threats directed towards individuals, malicious contamination of consumable products or critical corporate assets. We'll investigate the origin and magnitude of a product extortion threat including the method used to tamper with the product and interface with local authorities to support response strategies when required.
Political Risks
The ability to address potential and on-going political risks requires an in-depth knowledge of the political landscape and access to proven ground-truth intelligence capabilities. FocusPoint provides a bespoke service tailored to each of our client’s specific needs. Our crisis consultants leverage a life cycle risk management approach to address both macro and micro-level political risk situations that cover market entry, expansion, on-going operations and exit strategies.