Travel Risk Management & Specialist Risk Consulting
Why FocusPoint
Underscored by an unprecedented pace of change – multi-national corporations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, high net-worth families and the trusted advisors that support them face a new imperative in understanding and managing the risks that may potentially impact their operations, critical assets, personnel, reputations and bottom line. Stock Market volatility, fraud, corruption, bribery, political unrest, drug violence, terrorism, piracy, workplace violence, theft of intellectual property and confidential information, natural disasters, stalking, kidnap, extortion and identity theft are just a few of the risks that can potentially impact companies, governments, NGO’s , investors and private individuals on any given day. These risks, the vulnerabilities associated with the risks and the threats capable of exploiting them serve as drivers that continue to fuel the need for experienced risk management professionals with proven experience and the resources necessary to address these challenges.

FocusPoint is on the ground, anchored in the communities and ready to meet the challenges of operating in the global environment head on. Several of the world’s largest organizations frequently rely on the specialized security, consulting and investigation services of FocusPoint to mitigate physical risk; identify, assess and reduce exposure; protect critical assets, and control loss. We excel in challenging environments and have a proven track record for dealing with complex maritime and land-based security challenges, political risks, regulatory exposure and crisis events often played out in the media and boardrooms of leading organizations around the world. At FocusPoint, we don’t believe in trying to be all things to all people. We focus on our core strengths and advise on the best course of action – even if it means turning business away. The company is guided by the values of integrity, commitment and trust.