Travel Risk Management & Specialist Risk Consulting
Specialist Risk Consulting
As organizations become increasingly dependent on globalization, various obligations must be met to address global mobility, duty of care, business resilience and the overall protection of dispersed assets.

FocusPoint offers a comprehensive range of bespoke services and solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. The company enables business by identifying and illuminating risks and mitigating exposure through the provision of specialized security, consulting, crisis response, business intelligence and investigation services. As specialist risk consultants, FocusPoint is well-positioned to address the growing concern of blended threats, financial loss and reputational risks of multi-national corporations, universities, government agencies, high net-worth individuals and nongovernmental organizations.

FocusPoint works closely with the specialty risks insurance market as an approved response firm on the Lloyds’ Treaty to assist policyholders in the avoidance of and response to kidnap for ransom, extortion, product contamination and terrorism. The company is actively engaged in supporting client interests in over 400 locations, across 90 countries globally.

The result? A huge competitive advantage for FocusPoint partners and clients operating in fast-paced global environments.
Travel Security & Journey Management
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FocusPoint’s signature travel management memberships, Crisis Assistance Plus™ (CAP™) and MyTrac™, provide 24/7 global tracking and incident response to ensure that corporate travelers and assets arrive at their predetermined destinations on time and intact.

When you partner with FocusPoint, you instantly benefit from our highly-experienced management experts that work shoulder to shoulder with you so your company can operate in and out of risky areas.

What’s the benefit to MY company?

FocusPoint works with its partners to:

FocusPoint stands ready to manage your company's travel security and journey management plans in a way that satisfies your duty of care obligations and contributes to your long-term profitability.

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Emergency Evacuation Plans
Should employees be injured or placed in harm’s way while traveling, their employer’s duty of care obligation requires that they know how to get them out of that crisis quickly and safely. In preparing for these eventualities — and incidents will happen – FocusPoint will assist in both the development and execution of those plans.

Through its signature Crisis Assistance Plus™ (CAP™) membership program, FocusPoint will assist members by arranging medical transportation to the nearest vetted medical facility capable of providing the required care. Once out of danger, members will be transported to their home base. Up to date status information is communicated to the appropriate corporate staff and family members.
A government trigger is not required for FocusPoint to initiate an evacuation should a member need emergency assistance
Additional Benefits

When travelers feel their life is on the line, they are not thinking about money, coverage, or red tape.

Members can activate FocusPoint’s emergency evacuation network with just one call.
Remote Security Teams
FocusPoint specializes in the provision of security services for remote locations. Integrated solutions include targeted assessments of temporary or long-term remote sites, development of site security, crisis response and evacuation plans, acquisition and management of static security force, vehicle/convoy security to and from the remote site, on-going threat assessment and intelligence related to the remote operating environment.
Embedded Services
FocusPoint is a recognized leader in providing embedded consultants for companies in a variety of industries such as technology, energy, construction, engineering, and mining or mineral exploration. FocusPoint routinely helps companies minimize their cost footprint by deploying remote project managers, corporate security executives, loss control specialists, and investigators.

How does this benefit MY company?

Throughout its years of experience, FocusPoint’s experts have fine-tuned a global security infrastructure in environments far away from the client’s home base.

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According to the I.R.S., if a bonafide business-oriented security concern exists, a company may exclude certain expenditures related to an employee.

The Personal Security Assessment is used to establish a baseline of threat. It serves as the backdrop from which a personal security program is pulled together and exercised when necessary. It is a roadmap of an individual’s vulnerabilities and when leveraged correctly provides critical information in the response to emergencies. The success of a personal security program hinges on the accuracy of a PSA. Our consultants work closely with corporate executives, high net-worth individuals and their families to identify current threat conditions and lifestyle dynamics to determine the resources required to establish and implement an effective and reasonable personal security program.

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Security Management Plan Development
FocusPoint has built a global reputation by helping organizations assess the risks to their corporate survival and ensure that their employees and assets receive the highest levels of protection.

When a business strategy requires a company to deploy operating units to remote locations, FocusPoint stands ready to step in and provide a proper security management plan that includes travel security, journey management, and emergency evacuation as well as embedded services.

FocusPoint’s approach to partnership is not typical, because the answer is a single solution—a huge, money-saving benefit.

Here’s why:

FocusPoint builds ongoing partnerships with fast-moving clients who benefit financially and strategically from outsourced and adaptable security management expertise.
Security Assessment & Risk Analysis
By sharing best practices accumulated over time, FocusPoint’s consultants know that any organization can benefit from their in-depth risk assessments and analyses. Understanding when a security plan needs updating and gathering metrics on its success helps engender executive support for a program with a proven ROI.

What’s the benefit to MY company?

Using proprietary methodologies, FocusPoint experts will:

Why wait? Join FocusPoint’s highly skilled management team as a partner. Take advantage of state-of-the-art assessment and analysis tools that underscore each client’s long-term success.

Strategic Intelligence Service

FocusPoint’s Strategic Intelligence Service (SIS) supports a client’s corporate decision makers in highly innovative ways. First, SIS analysts deliver forecasts that assess global threats with a robust early warning system that activates when conditions erupt. But SIS provides much more than daily or monthly intelligence briefings.

A key part of the SIS strategy is its commitment to develop an in-house intelligence gathering capability for clients. By offering this amazing benefit, FocusPoint’s SIS experts will:

SIS analysts, then, take on a more global focus to their travel intelligence gathering. Based on their years of experience with Fortune 500 clients, SIS experts can also provide in-depth, confidential security investigations into such sensitive topics as crisis management, resiliency planning, and brand protection.
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence, often leveraged in concert with our due diligence services are offered to alternative investment managers, institutional investors and corporations looking for specific insight and/or competitive advantage.

We often get engaged to identify pending or potential litigation, labor issues, disunity amongst the executive team, potential regulatory exposure, exploitable security weaknesses, employee misconduct and competitive analysis.
Due Diligence
FocusPoint specializes in the provision of timely due diligence that’s critical to successful transactions and the ability to protect business reputations.

We offer a highly localized, legally obtainable, ground-truth intelligence capability that far exceeds normal commercial intelligence channels. Whether it’s conducting proactive vetting of third-party intermediaries for companies addressing the anti-bribery and corruption regulations of the FCPA or UK Bribery Act; or KYC (know your customer) due diligence for companies entwined in issues such as conflict minerals – we are informed, experienced and well positioned to identify and analyze undigested information that helps our clients avoid potential violations, legal liability, brand erosion, reputational damage and monetary loss.
Close Protection
FocusPoint offers scalable, threat-based close protection (CP) services in all risk environments.

We leverage industry best practice, U.S. protective doctrine and years of proven experience to develop and execute personal security details for corporate clients, media figures, high-net-worth individuals and their families. As CP specialists, we address every aspect of the protective mission from in-depth advance planning, route analysis, and threat assessment to establish the appropriate protective posture to surveillance, counter-surveillance and counter-assault teams in high-risk environments when necessary.

FocusPoint excels in providing threat-based close protection services for business travelers, media figures, high net-worth families and government agencies.

Close Protection
FocusPoint offers scalable, threat-based close protection services in environments ranging from traditional corporate business settings to complex, conflict and post-conflict environments.

FocusPoint leverages industry best practice, U.S. protective doctrine and years of proven experience to develop and execute personal security details for routine business travel or long-term assignments. As CP specialists, we address every aspect of the protective mission from in-depth advance planning, route analysis and threat assessment to establish and execute the appropriate protective posture.
Secure Transportation
Hassle free secure transportation for business travelers on the move.

FocusPoint’s security-trained drivers are interactive facilitators that address every aspect of journey management. From the moment an itinerary is received, FocusPoint security drivers spring into action, conducting route analysis, identifying choke points and safe havens to mitigate risks and ensure passengers are comfortable and safe on the road. All security drivers engaged globally to provide secure transportation have intimate knowledge of the local environment, are multilingual, trained in vehicle dynamics and protective etiquette, know how to identify surveillance, and take evasive action when required.