Travel Risk Management & Specialist Risk Consulting
Travel Management Companies
FocusPoint now offers an unprecedented revenue opportunity for travel management companies with global operations. Through a partnership agreement with FocusPoint, TMCs can now share in the worldwide success of two game changing Travel Risk Management solutions: Crisis Assistance Plus™ (CAP™) and MyTrac™.
Step 1: Partner with FocusPoint

Receive distribution rights to the Crisis Assistance Plus™ membership and MyTrac™ subscription product, and increase shareholder value with the ability to offer both products to end users and organizational clients alike.
Step 2: Receive a unique URL for your website.

When customers click on the URL they are instantly re-directed to the CAP™ ecommerce portal where they can purchase the products directly from FocusPoint. Furthermore, a referral agreement gives you the chance to offer additional highly sought revenue generating services to the market: PSA (Personal Security Assessment), Secured Transportation/Close Protection, and Security Consulting and Training.
Step 3: Get paid within 30 days

Get paid within 30 days of receipt of payment from the customers that purchase the products and services.

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The Game Changers

Crisis Assistance Plus™ (CAP™) is the most comprehensive low cost travel assistance membership program for individuals, families and organizations available in the market today.

Access to global travel alerts, so you can ‘know before you go.’

24/7 access to live consultants and translators to guide you through any crisis.

Global rescue and dedicated resolution specialists when you need it most.

CAP™ provides time-sensitive advice and guarantees worldwide in-country assistance for all 10 travel risks that could impact leisure and corporate travelers alike, while the CAP™ MED enhancement provides members with 14 additional fully funded emergency medical assistance benefits. In short, CAP™ provides an industry leading travel risk management program that is easy to integrate into any corporate infrastructure and is guaranteed to support organizational objectives, globally.
Travel the World with Confidence

FocusPoint’s CAP™ membership provides corporate travelers with fully funded coverage for
medical assistance benefits and
nonmedical crisis assistance services—all without any out-of-pocket expenses to the traveler or an up-charge to the company.

CAP™ Travel Risk Portal & Travel Tracker

Once traveling members have chosen an itinerary, that information is loaded into the CAP™ portal where corporate security and travel departments can easily access the location of all employees globally.

Coverage that surpasses any other offerings in the travel risk management industry.

Unlike insurance policies, CAP™ memberships provide an ad hoc approach to delivering emergency medical and nonmedical crisis assistance on a global scale. Through the CAP™ Travel Risk Portal and Travel Tracker feature, members benefit from an online platform that provides information on the current threat profile of the travel environment, and enhances the overall ability to assess the travel risk associated with global expansion. When assistance is needed anywhere in the world, there are no claim forms, no reimbursement processes or out of pockets expenses needed. One low cost membership provides travelers with coverage for both short and long term trips abroad.

Travel Assistance Benefits
Assistance Company 1
Assistance Company 2
Travel Insurance 1
Travel Insurance 2
Travel Insurance 3
Rescue from Natural Disasters
Rescue from Political Threat
Rescue from Terrorism
Rescue from Criminal Violence
Disappearance Resolution
Blackmail and Extortion Resolution
Kidnap for Ransom Resolution
Hi-Jacking Resolution
Wrongful Detention Resolution
Government Trigger Not Needed for Security Evacuation
Medical Evacuation Back Home With a Nurse Escort
Coordination Assistance with Medical Payments

Partner. Onboard. Integrate.

Whether you already have another provider with less coverage, are developing your first travel plan, have 5 or 5,000 traveling employees, FocusPoint will work to onboard and seamlessly integrate you over to CAP™.

Manage the movement of people and property, globally.

MyTrac™ is a 24/7 online global tracking and incident response platform that takes the guesswork out of finding employees whose travel plans could change quickly. MyTrac™ gives travel administrators and family members the ability to track, locate, monitor, and manage the movement of people and property with ease using GPS technology to identify their exact location anywhere in the world.